Is AuraVie working for anyone else?

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AuraVie Reviews

What is AuraVie?

According to their official website, AuraVie is a 3-in-1 system that acts to renew, revive and replenish aging skin. Sounds great, right? But it wouldn’t be the first time a “miracle” cream shows up only to be just another hyped product. However, the system sounds interesting, because it offers three different products, a purifying cleansing toner gel (this is responsible for the “renew” part), an age defying serum (revives) and a day/night moisturizer (replenish). After being tested by a number of women, results showed an 83% decrease of wrinkles and fine lines, a 92% increase of collagen production (in case you don’t know, this is one of the most important proteins in our body) and a 65% decrease of dark circles. For more details on how AuraVie actually works, including a list of its ingredients, please check my dedicated article (click here).

Who’s behind the product?

Based in Van Nuys, California (L.A. area), AuraVie doesn’t have a long history like other cosmetic companies out there, being founded only a few years ago. But ever since they started launching products, they created quite a buzz, winning the Women’s Choice Best Serum Award in 2011 and 2012, the Epic Beauty Awards in 2011 and the Anti-Aging Diamond Award. Their products were also featured in lifestyle magazines such as Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Ventura Blvd or Bazaar. And one of the reasons they offer the free trial of their anti aging solution plus a hefty discount is to get their name out.

What do people say about AuraVie?

Great, sounds excellent…but now, the most important question on everyone’s lips is: “Do these products actually work?” And what better way to find out than talking to women that actually used the product and ask them if they saw any improvements or not. And, surprisingly or not, it looks like it actually works. Because after browsing countless AuraVie reviews and speaking to women of all ages from all across the world, here’s what they’re saying:

“Love this product. It’s easy to use, effective, and SMELLS DIVINE! I also like the packaging of AuraVie skin products, in general. The bottles and jars look very pretty on my counter. AuraVie is a little expensive for me, but I have decided that I’M WORTH IT!”
Kate Weaver

“At 71 years of age my face looked so dull. Now my face looks alive. No, i still have wrinkles, but they do not stand out as much. Even my husband has noticed how much better my face looks.”
Allison K.

“Representative was very helpful and explained the details of my order and discount very well. I love your product and have now got my Mom to try it as well. Thanks so much!”

And these are just some of the reviews (I couldn’t post them all here, but if you want, drop me an email and I’ll tell you more). As you can imagine, there are also some negative opinions about AuraVie. Some said the cream gave them redness the first times they used it, some say it simply doesn’t work and some complained about the support offered by the company. It’s true, there weren’t many cases, but still these aspect should be considered. About the product’s effectiveness, I noticed two main explanations for these complaints. First of all, each person is different. And especially when talking about our skin. For some it will work, for some it won’t. And there’s no way of knowing it except for giving it a shot (especially with the free trial available right now). As for the other reason, please read below…

>>Click here for the official AuraVie website<<

Where to get the best deal on AuraVie?

AuraVie Best PriceAs soon as I began my research in AuraVie, I started browsing the internet and local cosmetic shops for the best offers around, to see if it matches other products currently available. As you can imagine, the best deals are online and by far the best deal is available on their official website. And that’s just one of the advantages of buying the product from there. The other is that it’s only place where you’ll get the risk free trial. How this works? Well, you’ll just have to pay for shipping and handling (around $5), they will send you the full product, and if you’re happy with it, after a while they will charge you $97.88. Otherwise, if you’re not pleased with the results, all you have to do is let them know and they will cancel any future payments. So that makes for a total of a little over $100. For three products, which taken separately cost no less than #390. Not bad all. For example, the next best offer is available on Amazon, for $150. That’s $50 more.

And the third and perhaps the most important reason I’d recommend AuraVie’s official website for trying the product is that it’s the only place you’ll be absolutely sure you’re getting the real thing. You might think I’m kidding, but I’ve seen several ladies buying it from no-name stores just because the offer was appealing, only to find out they were fooled into buying a fake version of the product (that’s also points out an interesting aspect, because if there are rip-offs on the market, it usually means the product works and there’s demand for it).

So, the conclusion is that if you’re looking for a good anti-aging solution, AuraVie might be a great choice for you. And you can read as many reviews as you want, the only sure way to know if it works for you or not is to give it a try (especially with the risk free trial available). If you do decide to give it a try, which I recommend, don’t forget to use their official store, it’s where you’ll get the best price and also where you’re 100% safe. Click on the link below to go to the manufacturer’s website:

Click Here for the official AuraVie website where you can claim the risk free trial and get the best price

Does AuraVie Work?

March 29, 2013
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